ICEC 2015 – The 17th International Conference on Electronic Commerce
Free Tutorial Session

Seoul, Korea, August 4, 2015

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 Tutorial 1

Sharing of IoT and O2O Execution Knowledge and Experience

Kyoung Jun Lee (Professor of Kyung Hee University)


Tutorial 2

Digital Performance Advertising in Big Data Age

Si Na Ko (CEO, Criteo Korea)


 Coffee Break


 Opening Ceremony


Keynote Speech I

Extracting Value from Big Data

Sudha Ram (Professor of Arizona University)


Keynote Speech II

Mobile Commerce Strategy of Daum Kakao

Sirgoo Lee (CEO, Daum Kakao)




Tutorial 3

Advanced Analytics for Offline Stores via Wireless Signals: Walk Insights

Josh Jaehong Kim (Executive Vice President, ZOYI)


Tutorial 4

 New O2O Culture Channel Service: Benple G

Sun Young Koong (CCO, Benple)


Coffee Break


Tutorial 5

 User Centric Payment Service: UB pay

Kyung Yang Park (CEO, HAREX InfoTech)


Tutorial 6

Global Patent Based Group Auction: Allwin.Bid

Jung Gab Lee (CEO, Allwinware)


Coffee Break


Tutorial 7

Amazon, Alibaba, & Coupang: The Vertical O2O Integrator

Joo Yong Jung (Business Columnist)

17:00~17:40 Tutorial 8

Fashion Crowd Challenge

Kwangsu Cho (Professor of Yonsei University)

ICEC 2015 – The 17th International Conference on Electronic Commerce

Seoul, Korea, August 03-05 2015

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The theme of the ICEC’2015 is Application of Big Data in E-Commerce. The theme reflects the advent of big data which becomes a very popular topic in electronic commerce. Authors are asked to find ways to balance the technical aspects and managerial aspects of E-Commerce in utilizing this new trend. 
With the advanced information technologies, the collection of huge amount of data in the context of social interactions has become possible. For better managerial decision making, now firms and their executives are very interested in extracting patterns out of those social interactions and big data from those interactions. The authors are encouraged to cover some of the characteristics of the theme and analyze applications of those in real businesses.

Previous Conferences (1998~2014)

ICEC 1st, 1998, Seoul, Korea (Final Program)
ICEC 2nd, 2000, Seoul, Korea (Final Program)
ICEC 3rd, 2001, Vienna, Austria (Final Program)
ICEC 4th, 2002, Hong Kong (Final Program)
ICEC 5th, 2003, Pittsburgh, U.S.A (Proceedings)
ICEC 6th, 2004, Delft, Netherlands (Proceedings)
ICEC 7th, 2005, Xian, China (Proceedings)
ICEC 8th, 2006, Frederiction, Canada (Proceedings)
ICEC 9th, 2007, Minneapolis, U.S.A (Proceedings)
ICEC 10th, 2008, Innsbruck, Austria (Proceedings)
ICEC 11th, 2009, Taipei, Taiwan (Proceedings)
ICEC 12th, 2010, Hawaii, U.S.A (Proceedings)
ICEC 13th, 2011, Liverpool, UK (Proceedings)
ICEC 14th, 2012, Singapore (Proceedings)
ICEC 15th, 2013, Turku, Finland (Proceedings)
ICEC 16th, 2014, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Conference Chair’s Manual

ICEC 로고 (1)

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