Electronic Commerce Research (ECR)

Special Issue Call for Papers of Electronic Commerce Research
“Electronic Commerce in the Asia-Pacific”

Electronic commerce in the Asia-Pacific has been developed rapidly over the past 20 years. The Asia-Pacific Region now hosts many of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, including Alibaba, Taobao and JD.com. In the region business models are under renovation, and new innovations in e-commerce are emerging through market players such as Meituan, Pinduoduo and Tencent. Furthermore, new electronic payments systems such as Ant Financial, WeChat Wallet and Alipay become a major player in e-commerce, changing the competitive landscape radically. Softbank and Alibaba investments are funding diverse technological innovations outside of Silicon Valley.
However, e-commerce players in the Asia-Pacific Region are facing many challenges: They must address challenges in cultures, logistics and buyer preferences that are much more diverse and complex compared to Western regions. To cope with these challenges, they have innovated their paths to success in many ways and as a result they could develop capabilities to enter nearly any market in the world. For example, they have accumulated Global data repositories and also have proactively innovated in mobile commerce, social commerce and cross-border e-commerce, which enable them to achieve a unique competitive advantage in competing with global market players.
Our special issue seeks for submissions of high-quality papers on diverse topics addressing such substantial challenges to e-commerce in the Pacific Asia Region. We have listed a number of potential research topics in the following. Submissions are not limited to this list, and we welcome any innovative and novel investigations of all e-commerce topics concerning the Asia-Pacific e-commerce.

Editors. This special issue will be co-edited by:
• Jian Mou (jian.mou@xidian.edu.cn), Xidian University
• TaeHo Hong (taeho.hong@gmail.com), Pusan National University
• Chul Ho Lee(irontigerlee@gmail.com), KAIST

Topics. The special issue will be devoted to the exploration of strategic, managerial, organizational, technical, security, privacy, and policy challenges with regard to information services under e-commerce. We seek for high-quality, unpublished studies addressing electronic commerce on the following and related topics but not limited to:
• Success factors in e-commerce
• Policy issues e-commerce regulation
• Consumer reviews and recommendation systems
• Mobile technologies
• Logistics challenges
• Big data, machine learning and cloud platforms
• Communication and collaboration ib platforms
• Economic and business innovation
• Trust, privacy and security issues
• Service and e-commerce
• Localization based service and e-commerce
• Cross-cultural issues in e-commerce
• Emerging issues in e-commerce under Pacific Asia.
Submission Deadline. The submission deadline for a full paper is November 1, 2019. Authors are encouraged to submit as early as possible to accelerate the review process.
Review Process. The special issue editors will return first reviews and AE reports no later than 60 days from the date of submission. We will adopt a constructive approach with the aim to help submission authors develop high quality papers throughout the review  process. Second and third round reviews, as needed, will be completed on an expedited basis, meaning that authors will get review results based on their submission orders, that is, the earlier submission the earlier result. Thus, we will provide authors with an indication of either revision or rejection as early as possible for the special issue, including decisions based on a first reading by the special issue editors. One caution, too immature or out of scope papers will be immediately returned to the authors.

Publication Date: TBD
For Authors: Interested authors may feel free to direct any questions to the special issue editors.

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