About ICEC

ICEC (International Center for Electronic Commerce) was founded in 1996 by Prof. Jae Kyu Lee (KAIST: Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology), the President-Elect(2015-2016) of Association for Information Systems.  The center played an important role of creating the International Conference on Electronic Commerce, which was initiated in 1998 and have continued to be held annually.

ICEC also contributed to launch the academic journal ECRA (Electronic Commerce: Research & Applications), which is now a top-tier academic journal cited by SSCI(Social Science Citation Index).

Besides the academic activities, ICEC has the tradition to create and share practical knowledge on electronic commerce by collaborating with companies and governments. Especially, ICEC contributed to develop e-commerce technologies, i.e. merchant systems, electronic payment, and certificate authority systems, in the early stage of e-Commerce.

国际电子商务中心(ICEC:International Center for Electronic Commerce)成立于1996年,Jae Kyu Lee教授是首次研究在中心的创始者。本研究中心从1998年开始召开电子商务国际大会,这大会每年一次召开世界各个国家。而且,创办学术期刊《电子商务研究及应用》。 这是现在的顶级学术期刊被引用《社会科学引文索引》。

本研究中心通过企业和政府合作研究电子商务方面的实用知识。尤其是,在早期阶段电子商务时贡献出招商制 、电子支付 、证书认证系统等技术的发展。