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Keynote Speakers

Robert  J. Kauffman

Robert J. Kauffman is Professor of Information Systems at the School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University. He also serves as Associate Dean (Faculty), and was previously Associate Dean (Research) and Deputy Director of the Living Analytics Research (LARC) there. He also was a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Center for Digital Strategies at the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College. And he served on the faculty at business schools of New York University, the University of Rochester, the University of Minnesota, and Arizona State University, where he held the W.P. Carey Chair in Information Systems. His graduate degrees are from Cornell (M.A.) and Carnegie Mellon (M.S., Ph.D). His research interests span IT and business value, economics, marketing and consumer behavior, competitive strategy and the fintech revolution, and computational social science and data analytics. His articles have appeared in Management Science, Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems, MIS Quarterly, Organization Science, and the Review of Economics and Statistics, among others. He previously contributed special issues to Decision Support Systems on ‘Market Transformation to an IT-Enabled Services-Oriented Economy’ (2015) and to the Journal of Management Information Systems on ‘The Fintech Revolution’ (late 2017). He is currently Editor in Chief of Electronic Commerce Research and Applications.

Title: Combining Machine-Based And Econometrics Methods for e-Commerce Insights

Computational Social Science (CSS) has become a mainstream approach in the empirical study of policy analytics issues in various domains of e-commerce research. This keynote presentation for ICEC is intended to represent recent advances that have been made for the discovery of new policy-related insights in business, consumer and social settings in the e-commerce domain. The approach discussed is fusion analytics, which combines machine-based methods from Computer Science (CS) and explanatory empiricism involving advanced Econometrics and Statistics. Recent developments and shifts in the scientific study of technology-related phenomena and Social Science issues in the presence of historically-large datasets prompt new forms of research inquiry. They include blended approaches to research methodology, and more interest in the production of research results that have direct application to industry contexts. Examples and illustrations from recent research will be discussed, and some conclusions will be shared related to the manner in which effective industry-based studies can be carried out.

Paulo Novais

Professor of Computer Science at the Department of Informatics, in the University of Minho (Braga, Portugal) and a researcher at the ALGORITMI Centre. From the same university he received a PhD in Computer Sciences in 2003 and his Habilitation in Computer Science in 2011.
He started his career developing scientific research in the field of Intelligent Systems/Artificial Intelligence (AI), namely in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Machine Learning and Multi-Agent Systems. His interest, in the last years, was absorbed by the different concepts of Ambient Intelligence, Ambient Assisted Living, Intelligent Environments, AI and Law, Conflict Resolution and the incorporation of AI methods and techniques in these fields. His main research aim is to make systems a little more smart, intelligent and also reliable.
He has leaded and participated in several research projects sponsored by Portuguese and European public and private Institutions and has supervised several PhD and MSc students. He is the co-author of over 180 book chapters, journal papers, conference and workshop papers and books.
He has been chair of the Organising or Scientific Committee of ISAmI (International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence), ESM 2011 – European Simulation and Modelling Conference, SOCO 2011 (International Conference on Soft Computing Models in Industrial and Environmental Applications) and PROVE 2007 (IFIP Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises) and member of organising committee of several others events (e.g., Pervasive Health 2011, Intelligent Environments 2011, ECAI 2010, EPIA 2007).

Title: People-Aware Systems – The challenges of a new approach

The trend of mHealth, or mobile health, emerge recently as a result of technological evolution and miniaturization and the users’ interest in monitoring and improving health and well being. Other that improving of informing about personal health, it also allows for the development of better assistive environments. Nonetheless, existing approaches are generally based on physiological sensors, which are intrusive and cannot be realistically used. This is especially true in environments in which the transparency, pervasiveness and sensitivity are of importance, such as in Ambient Intelligence and Electronic Commerce.
We put forward a new approach to the problem in which user behavioral cues are used as an input to assess the individual’s inner state. This innovative approach has been validated by research in the last years and has characteristics that may enable the development of true unobtrusive, pervasive and sensitive ambient intelligent systems. Specifically, this approach has been proven to be useful in quantifying aspects such as stress, fatigue or attention.






판교 테크노밸리에 대한 이미지 검색결과



Pangyo, Seongnam City

Pangyo is surrounded by Mt. Cheonggyesan and Geumtosan to the North and Mt. Barasan to the south, with Unjungcheon and Geumtocheon, tributaries of Tancheon, flowing through the center of the city.
This area is 9,307,000㎡(2,815,000 pyeong) and can hold up to 80,412 people with 29,350 families.
Pangyo Techno Valley, Academy of Korean Studies, Korea Food Research Institute, Korea Petroleum Management Institute, and Daehan Oil Pipeline Corporation are located in Pangyo. In the Techno Valley, IT companies such as Kakao, NHN, Nexon, Ahnlab and SK Planet have their headquarters.

More information about Pangyo:,_Seongnam

판교 테크노밸리에 대한 이미지 검색결과

ICEC 2016


The 18th International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC 2016):
Suwon, Korea, August 17-19, 2016

ICEC 2016, the 18th International Conference on Electronic Commerce, is held in conjunction with  SmartConnected.World 2016, which will deal with major emerging issues from innovative changes, social, economic, cultural and industrial aspects. This conference will engage the people from leading companies with innovative ideas that can move the world, startups with outstanding technology, government agencies and universities.

The final program of ICEC 2016 is now announced!

Registration Info

Our topics include:

  • Smart Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence
  • Connection Technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things)
  • O2O (Online-to-Offline and Offline-to-Online)
  • Smart Connected Commerce
  • Smart Connected Customers
  • Smart Connected City
  • Smart Connected Finance
  • Smart Connected Government
  • Smart Connected Hospital & Healthcare
  • Smart Connected Human & Creatures
  • Smart Connected Makers
  • Smart Connected Media and Entertainment
  • Smart Connected Nations
  • Smart Connected Policies
  • Smart Connected Product
  • Smart Connected Service
  • Smart Connected Schools & Education
  • Smart Connected Transportation
  • Science of Networks such as Network Science and Social Network Analysis

2016년 8월 17일-19일까지 수원 노보텔 앰배서더에서 개최되는 ICEC 2016 (제 18회 국제전자상거래학술대회)는 특별히, SmartConnected.World 2016과 공동으로 개최됩니다. 스마트 커넥티드 월드 2016은 세계를 긍정적으로 변화시키는 인공지능 기술과 사물인터넷 기술 등 최신 스마트 커넥티드 기술과 이에 따른 세계의 변화를 논의하는 국제 포럼입니다.

세계 각국에서 초청된 50여명의 석학과 산업 전문가, 국내의 수백명의 학자와 산업전문가들이 모여 인공지능, 사물인터넷, 전자상거래 등에 대하여 발표하고 논의합니다. SmartConnected.World는 2016년 올해 처음 개최되며, 매해 개최될 것입니다. 올해는 제18회 국제 전자상거래 학술대회(International Conference on Electronic Commerce), 한국지능정보시스템 학술대회와 공동 개최되어 30여건의 기조 발표, 30여건의 Hands-On 튜토리얼 발표, 80여편의 논문이 발표됩니다.

 일     시: 2016년 8월 17일 – 19일
 장     소: 수원 노보텔 앰배서더 호텔
 문     의: 02-335-0300,, 허미리 연구원
 주     최: (사) 국제전자상거래연구센터, 한국지능정보시스템학회
 주     관: (주) 엠씨아이코리아, 후마니타스 빅데이터 연구센터

 홈페이지: SmartConnected.World


“ICEC 2016 & SmartConnected.World 2016” 背景

8月17日至19日,由韩国国际电子商务研究中心发起主办、 SmartConnected.World在水源 诺富特大使酒店召开。这次大会的目的是为了更好地引导和推动韩国人工智能和互联网、线上线下等的研究及应用,旨在打造韩国人工智能领域最大规模、规格最高的学术和技术年度盛会。



SSK 가상화 사회연구 사업단, SSK 인터넷 소비 문화 연구 사업단, BK 21 플러스,  한국인터넷기업협회, 한국스마트홈산업협회, 한국클라우드산업협회, 한국정보통신기술산업협회

ICEC 로고 (1)

Call for Paper

The 19th International Conference on Electronic Commerce: ICEC 2017
Pangyo, Seongnam, Korea, August 17- 18, 2017


We invite you to submit a paper to be considered for inclusion in the Program of the 19th International Conference on Electronic Commerce: ICEC 2017. Accepted papers will be presented on August 17-18, 2017. The detailed information will be available in due course through the conference website ( ICEC 2017 is hosted by KIISS (Korea Intelligent Information System Society) and ICEC (International Center for Electronic Commerce,, and held in conjunction with Smart Connected World 2017(

The Theme: 4th Industrial Revolution and e-Commerce

We invite submissions in all areas of Information Systems research and especially encourage submission related to the conference theme “4th Industrial Revolution and e-Commerce.” With the advent of internet-of-things, cloud computing, big data and other mobile-related technologies, e-Commerce has expanded boundaries to the new era of industrial revolution. The emergence of artificial intelligence and widespread big data infrastructures provide ample opportunities for researchers to challenge new theories and empirical analysis covering various business issues. The authors are asked to find ways to balance the theoretical aspects and practical aspects of e-Commerce in utilizing this new trend and encouraged to cover some of characteristics of the theme and analyze real businesses and technology cases.

Important Dates [Extended Deadline!] 

Paper Submission Deadline  May 22, 2017
Paper Decision: June  9, 2017
Camera-ready papers and abstracts: June 26, 2017
– Design Theory for Wellness Using IT
– Internet-of-Things for Security and Safety
– Artificial Intelligence for e-Commerce and Wellness
– Big Data and Machine Learning in e-Commerce
– Food Business in e-Commerce
– Entertainment, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
– Smart Connected Products and Services
– Smart and Wearable Technologies
– Cloud Services and Service Innovation
– Smart Factory and Manufacturing
– Mobile and Social Commerce
– Social Media and Social Networking
– Emerging Financial Technology (Fintech)
– Smart Health & Hospitals
– Smart Tourism and Smart Logistics
– Organic Media for Connected World
– Human Computer Interactions
– Bright Internet and Cybersecurity
– Education in Cyberspace
– Online-to-offline Services in e-Commerce

 Paper Submission

Please submit your papers here ( The online submission system is hosted by EasyChair Conference System. If you don’t have an EasyChair account, please create one and then log on to make your submission. The deadline for paper submission is April 23, 2017. Submissions must be original and must not have been submitted for publication elsewhere. Articles should be limited to 8 pages in length totally (including also abstract and references), and follow the ACM Proceeding guidelines for formatting (
The official ACM Proceedings format is available as a template in Word format (pubform_ICEC2017.docx). Please submit your manuscript in PDF format via the EasyChair system and set your email SPAM settings to allow emails from All accepted papers will be published in the ACM digital library within its International Conference Proceedings Series.

High quality papers from ICEC 2017 will be invited to be fast-tracked (at the authors’ prerogative) to:
Electronic Commerce Research and Applications (SCI/SSCI) – An ICEC 2017 dedicated special issue on “4th Industrial Revolution and e-Commerce”
– Journal of Universal Computer Science(SCIE) will invite a number of high quality papers related to “Context-awareness”.
– Multimedia Tools and Applications (SCIE) will invite a number of high quality papers related to “Recommendation services”.
– Relevant papers on Smart Tourism will be invited to the special issue on “Informatics/Data Analysis in Smart Tourism” in Information Processing & Management (SSCI), to the special issue on “Mobile Technology and Smart Tourism Development” in Sustainability (SSCI), to the special Issue on “Smart Tourism and Competitive Advantage for Stakeholders” in Tourism Journal, or the special issues of Journal of Information Systems (KCI) and Journal of the Korea Service Management Society (KCI).
– The Journal of Intelligence and Information Systems (Listed in Korean Citation Index: KCI)

Each paper must deal with original and unpublished work, not submitted for publication elsewhere (copyright problems fall entirely under responsibility of the authors). Invited papers should be modified significantly before journal editors inspect for further progress. It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that any copyright commitments they have made outside ICEC 2017.

Conference Honorary Co-Chairs
– Robert Kauffman, Singapore Management Univ., Singapore
– Jae Kyu Lee, KAIST, Korea
Jin Hyung Kim, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Korea
Conference Co-Chairs
– Paulo Novais, University of Minho, Portugal
– Jin Sung Choi, SK Telecom, Korea
– Kyoung Jun Lee, ICEC & KIISS., Korea

Program Co-Chairs
– Taekyung Kim, Suwon Univ., Korea
– Seong Wook Chae, Hoseo Univ., Korea
Organizing Co-Chairs
– Jae Young Choi, Ajou Univ., Korea
– Sung Byung Yang, Kyung Hee Univ., Korea
Organizing Members (TBA)
– Jason Jung, Chung-Ang Univ.
– Jinwook Lee, Samsung Electronics
Jongwoo Kim, Hanyang Univ.
– Kwang Sun Choi, BigBang Angels
– Kyung Sik Shin, Ewha Women’s Univ.
– Chulmo Koo, Kyung Hee Univ.
Seungdo Lee, KSTEC
– Coong Shik Park, U1 Univ.
– Sun Young Koong, Benple Inc.
– Arum Park, Kyung Hee Univ.
– Byounggu Choi, Kookmin Univ.
– Christopher Han, SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center
– Jungho Jun, Benple Inc.
– Hyun Song Jang, U1 Univ.
Program Committee Members (TBA)
Jörn Altmann, Seoul National Univ.
Youngsok Bang, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Younghoon Chang, BNU-HKBU United International College
Yuanyuan Chen, National Univ. of Singapore
Chitharanjan Chinnapaka, London Met Univ.
Sunghun Chung, Univ. of Queensland
Xianjun Geng, Univ. of Texas at Dallas
Kim Huat Goh, Nanyang Technological Univ.
Jahyun Goo, Florida Atlantic Univ.
Kunsoo Han, McGill Univ.
Fu-Shiung Hsieh, Chaoyang Univ. of Technology
Kuo-Wei (David) Hsu, National Chengchi Univ.
Mark Hoogendoorn, VU Univ. of Amsterdam
Ke-Wei Huang, National Univ. of Singapore
Keumseok Kang, Florida International Univ.
Keongtae Kim, City Univ. of Hong Kong
Yongsuk Kim, HKUST
Byungwan Koh, Univ. of Calgary
Khim Yong Koh, National Univ. of Singapore
Juhee Kwon, City Univ. of Hong Kong
Wai Lam, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Karl R. Lang, City Univ. of New York
Chul Ho Lee, KAIST
Gunwoong Lee, Nanyang Technological Univ.
Victoria Yoon, Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
Habin Lee, Brunel Univ. London
Jung Lee, Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies
Kyung Young Lee, Bishop’s Univ.
One-Ki Lee, Univ. of Massachusetts, Boston
Sanghee Lim, Johns Hopkins Univ.
Fan Liu, Shandong Univ. of Science and Technology
Dan Ma,    Singapore Management Univ.
Tatsuo Nakajima, Waseda Univ.
Hyelim Oh, Nat’l Univ. of Singapore
Jan Ondrus, Essec Business School
Min-Seok Pang, Temple Univ.
Jaehyun Park, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Youngki Park, George Washington Univ.
Mohammad Rahman, Purdue Univ.
Pallab Sanyal, George Mason Univ.
Sooil Shin, Univ. of Wisconsin, Green Bay
Ayoung Suh, City Univ. of Hong Kong
Andreas Symeonidis, Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki
Dimitrios Tsekouras, Rotterdam School of Management
Jun Wang, Univ. College London
Sunil Wattal, Temple Univ.
Lizhen Xu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Guo Zhiling, Singapore Management Univ.
Conference Secretariat
– Jihee Choi (Korea Intelligent Information System Society)
– Email:
– Tel: +82-2-3295-0997

Program Secretariat
– Miri Heo (International Center for Electronic Commerce)
– Email:
– Tel: +82-2-961-0490

Best Papers of ICEC 2016

The Program Committee of ICEC 2016 announces the top three best papers of ICEC 2016 (The 18th International Conference on Electronic Commerce) as follows:

The best paper is:
Are Uber Really to Blame for Sexual Assault? Evidence from New York City, authored by Jiyong Park, Junetae Kim, Byungtae Lee (KAIST, Korea)

The two best paper runner-ups are:

Driving Likes, Comments, and Shares on Social Networking Sites – How Post Characteristics Affect Brand Interactions in Apparel Retailing, authored by Carsten D. Schultz (University of Hagen, Germany)

Are You a Local or a Visitor? An Exploratory Study on Consumer Behavior in Online Group Buying Commerce, authored by Jiyuan Wang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Jiayin Qi (Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, China), Seongmin Jeon (Gachon University, Korea), Xiangling Fu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China)

ICEC 2015 Final Program

ICEC 2015 Final Program

◎ Day 2: August 4th, 2015

Keynote Speech I

Extracting Value from Big Data, Sudha Ram (Professor of University of Arizona)

Keynote Speech II

Mobile Commerce Strategy of Daum Kakao, Sirgoo Lee (CEO, Daum Kakao)

Session A1 – Topic: Korean E-Commerce I

Korean Tutorial # 1

“Sharing of IoT and O2O (Online to Offline) Execution Knowledge and Experience” (pdf)

Kyoung Jun Lee (Professor of Kyung Hee University)

Korean Tutorial # 2

Digital Performance Advertising in Big Data Age (pdf)

Si Na Go (CEO, Criteo Korea)

Session B1 – Topic: Managing E-Commerce

Applying Reinforcement Theory to Implementing a Retargeting Advertising in the Electronic Commerce Website (pdf), Keng-Chieh Yang, Chia-Hui Huang, and Chen-Wei Tsai

Leveraging Technology to Improve Intent to Purchase (pdf), Hayden Wimmer, and Victoria Yoon

The Impact of Mobile Channel Adoption on Purchase Time Dispersion in E-Commerce (pdf), Youngsok Bang, Dong-Joo Lee, and Kunsoo Han

Session C1 – Topic: Mobile Business

Design of Contextual Local Expert Support Mechanism (pdf), Jyh-Hwa Liou, and Yung-Ming Li

Mobile Payments in the Light of Money Theories – Means to AccelerateMobile Payment Service Acceptance? (pdf), Tomi Dahlberg

Will Insta-Business be the Electronic Contemporary Bazaar?: An ExploratoryAnalysis on Electronic Commerce in Kuwait (pdf), Omer Abdelhamid Ibrahim Gibreel, Dhari A. Alotaibi, Seongmin Jeon, and Byungjoon Yoo

Session D1 – Topic: Social Media & Platform (in Korean)

Relationships between Socialization, Customer Participation, and Ownershipin Business Ecosystems : Facebook Ecosystem (pdf), Azizbek Marakhimov, Jaehun Joo

Understanding the Internet of Things (IoT) through Analysis of News andOnline Media (pdf), Ji Hye Park, Jae Yun Moon

A Study on Media-Using and Interpersonal-Trust-Building Process in VirtualTeams by Structured Coding (pdf), Nam-Jae Cho, Jinwouk D. Oh

Delineating Experience of the Closed SNS using Theoretical Concepts: A Comparison Study with Open SNS (pdf), Chaerin IM, Sunhwa Lee, Youngsoo Shin, Jinwoo Kim

Effect of Enjoyment, Social Ties, and Social Intelligence from Closed-TypeSNS Use on Soldiers’ Belongingness and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (pdf), Woo Young Kwon, Seung Nyoung Baek

Influencing Factors on Freelancer Performance in an Online Outsourcing Platform (pdf), Sun-Ho Jeon, Jay-Ick Lim, Sung-Byung Yang

Session E1 – Topic: Knowledge Sharing & ICT Business Value (in Korean)

The Determinants of Knowledge Contribution Intention to MND’s Knowledge Sharing System (pdf), Byoung Soo Kim, Seung Nyoung Baek

Examining a Travel Information Sharing of Moderating Effects of Travel Product and Message types: Regulatory Focus Theory Perspective (pdf), Chulmo Koo, Kyoungimin Lee, Namho Chung

The Relationship Between On-Tour Experience and Tourist Happiness -Mediating Effect of Connected Statement (pdf), Chulmo Koo, Jimin Lee, Namho Chung

A Multi-Vendor Approach in IT Outsourcing: Single-Versus Multi-Vendor Dominant Model (pdf), Yunmo Koo, Juyeon Ham, Jae-Nam Lee

An Integrated Model of the Contribution of IT to Firm Performance (pdf), Geuna Kim, Sanghyun Kim

Business Value of IT: The Complementarities between IT Investment and R&D Investment (pdf), Inyong Jeong, Woojin Jung, Sang-Yong Tom Lee

Session F1 – Topic: ICT Security & Policy (in Korean)

Research Trends in Information Security Economics: Focused on IS Journals (pdf), Mi-Hwa Kang, Hyo-Jung Jun, Tae-Sung Kim

A Study on the Influence of Security Investment on Firm’s Performance (pdf), Kangbaek Lee, Taehwan Kim, Sang-Yong Tom Lee 

The Introduction of “Do Not Track” Regulation for Behavioral Information Protection (pdf), SoYeon Baek, Hwansoo Lee 

Policy Analysis for Expansion and Trend of Cloud Computing Market (pdf), Yongjun Kim, Myeong-Cheol Park

Opening the Nation: Leveraging Open Data to Create New Business and Provide Services (pdf), Ruth Angelie B. Cruz, Hong Joo Lee

Analyzing Factors Affecting the Number of ccTLDs: An Industrial Organization Approach (pdf), So-Ra Kim, Hyo-Jung Jun, Tae-Sung Kim

Session A2 – Topic: Korean E-Commerce II

Korean Tutorial # 3

Advanced Analytics for Offline Stores via Wireless Signals: Walk Insights (pdf)

Josh Jaehong Kim (Executive Vice President, ZOYI)

Korean Tutorial # 4

“New O2O Culture Channel Service: Benple G”

Sun Young Koong (CCO, Benple)

Session B2 – Panel: Bright ICT

(Moderator: Jungwoo Lee)


Jae Kyu Lee, President, Association of Information Systems

– Bright Internet Protocol

– Bright ICT Initiative at AIS

Jun Kyun Choi, Professor, KAIST

– Trust ICT Infrastructure

– Origin and Deliverer Responsibility

Tae-Eon Koo, Attorney, TEK& LAW

– Pirvacy Invasion

– Anonymous Insults

Session C2 – Topic: Social Media

Examining the Effect of Social Media Marketing in Tourism(pdf), Hsin-Lu Chang, and Dai-Yu Wu

Reconceptualization of SNS Use in Organizations (pdf), Yoon A Kim, Jae Yun Moon, and Ji Hye Park

The Business Value of Firms’ Social Media Efforts: Evidence from Facebook (pdf), Sunghun Chung, Animesh Animesh, Kunsoo Han, and Alain Pinsonneault

Session D2 – Topic: E-Commerce & Social Commerce (in Korean)

What Determines the Survival of Small and Medium-Sized Firms in the Korean E-commerce Industry?: An Exploratory Study (pdf), Sho Yun Park, Seung Hoon Nam, Seung Hyun Kim

A Longitudinal Study on Consumer Purchasing Attitude and PurchaseIntention in Electronic Commerce (pdf), Bolormaa Amarsaikhan, Seong-Hoon Hwang

Effects of Shopping Value and Social Commerce Satisfaction on PurchaseIntention: The Moderating Role of Impulsiveness and Innovativeness (pdf), Namho Chung, Hyo Geun Song, Chumlmo Koo

Study on Improvement of Social Commerce and Food Delivery Mobile Appusing AHP and IPA (pdf), Jae-won Nam, Sun-nam Kim, Hwansoo Lee

Antecedents of Cross-Channel Free-Riding Intention: The Moderating Effectof Product Categories Using Push-Pull-Mooring Framework (pdf), Eunhye Kim, Myeong-Cheol Park

Session E2 – Topic: Mobile Service & Game (in Korean)

Mobile App Success when Popularity Meets Effort (pdf), Gun-woong Lee, T.S. Raghu

UX Study on Collective Spatial Intelligence Based Urban App Services: Influences of Ecological HCI Experience Factors to Empathetic Behaviors (pdf), Heejung Kwon

A Study on the Use Contexts of Digital Services Using Correspondence Analysis (pdf), Jimin Kim, Younghoon Chang, Myeong-CheolPark

Effects of Mobile Casual Game in User Flow, Satisfaction and Loyalty (pdf), Youngsuk Baek, Sungho Park, Donguk Kim

Factors Affecting the Intention to Purchase Probability-Based Item in MobileSocial Network Game (MSNG) (pdf), Jaeyoung Lee, Euiho Suh, Hooyoung Park

Session F2 – Topic: IoT Convergence – NIA (in Korean)

Introducing IoT Convergence Projects in Korea (pdf), Byung Joo Jeong

The Demonstration Project for Smart Grid Cyber Security (pdf), Dong Myung Shin

The Demonstration Project for Open Platform based on Smart Home Products and Services (pdf), Ho-Jin Park

Basic research for Usage-Based Insurance with real driving data (pdf), HanLim Kim

Session A3 – Topic: Korean E-Commerce III

Korean Tutorial # 5

“User Centric Payment Service: UB pay” (pdf)

Kyung Yang Park (CEO, Harex InfoTech)

Korean Tutorial # 6

“Global Patent Based Group Auction: Allwin.Bid”

Jung Gab Lee (CEO, Allwinware)

Session B3 – Tutorial: Advances in E-Commerce Research

Why People Want to Continuously Use Mobile IM Service: The Moderating Role of Perceived Value (pdf), Weiyi Luo, Young-Chan Lee

Business Analytics in Action: The Case of Asset Pricing for a Rent-a-Car Company (pdf), Seongmin Jeon, Chang Hee Han, Sangchun Shim, Byungjoon Yoo

A Study on a Methodology for Solving Social Problems Through Literature Review (pdf), Hong Joo Lee

Session C3 – Topic: Research Mechanism

Selective Domain Information Acquisition to Improve Segmentation Quality (pdf), Yinghui Yang, Zijie Qi,Hongyan Liu 

Discrimination of Zombie Fans on Weibo based on Features Extraction andBusiness-Driven Analysis (pdf), Hongxun Jiang, Yibo Wang, Mengjun Zhu

A Strategic Analysis of Digital Publishing Provision (pdf), Bih-Huang Jin, Yung-Ming Li

ession D3 – Topic: IS Adoption & Resistance (in Korean)

A Longitudinal Study on Consumer Satisfaction and Reusing Intention of University Administrative Service in Mongolia (pdf), Nergui Irekh-Ireedui, Seong-Hoon Hwang

Effect of Logistics Flow Visibility, System Extensibility and System Self-Efficacy on LIS(Logistics Information System) Appropriation and Individual Performance (pdf), Do Heum Jeon, Seung Nyoung Baek

An Analysis of Adaptation IS Success Model to Software Development Project (pdf), Park, In Geun, Han, Kyung Suk

The Impact of Perceived Risk on Intention to Use of Mobile Wallet Service (pdf), Lida Ha, Hwansoo Lee

A Study on the Resistance Behavior of Taxi Application User (pdf), Younghoon Chang, Young Wook Ha, Jimin Kim

ession E3 – Topic: Tutorial I (in Korean)

Activation Program of Education about ‘Big Data Analytics for Business’ (pdf), Kyoo-Sung Noh

ession F3 – Topic: Professor Presentation I (in Korean)

Effects of Cognitive Fitness in Crowdfunding: Information Quality and Investment Cause (pdf), Taekyung Kim

The Perceived Accuracy and Social Perceptions on User Satisfaction: Mobile Recommender Systems Perspective (pdf), Jaewon Choi

Online Consumers’ Reactions to Price Decreases: Amazon’s Kindle 2 Case (pdf), Sung-Byung Yang

Session A4 – Topic: Korean E-Commerce IV

Korean Tutorial # 7

“Amazon, Alibaba, & Coupang: The Vertical O2O Integrator” (pdf)

Joo Yong Jung (Business Columnist)

Korean Tutorial # 8

“Fashion Crowd Challenge” (pdf)

Kwangsu Cho (Professor of Yonsei University)

Session B4 – Topic: Behavioral and Organizational Aspect I

User Satisfaction of the Website for National Center for HealthCommunication and Education in Vietnam: An Application of IS Success Model (pdf), Ming-Hsiung Hsiao, Tran Quang Mai, Nguyen Thi MyLoc, Yung-Ting Lee

Big Data Applications: Adaptive User Interfaces to Enhance ManagerialDecision Making (pdf), Swee Lan See

A Comparative Study on User Loyalty of Mobile-Instant Messaging Services:Korea and Vietnam (Research in Progress) (pdf), Nguyen-Hanh Tang, Young-Chan Lee

Session C4 – Topic: Behavioral and Organizational Aspect II

Game Addiction from Psychosocial Health Perspective (pdf), Eui Jun Jeong, Dan J. Kim,Dong Min Lee

Moderating Effects of Distrust and Social Influence on Aesthetic Experience of Augmented Reality: Motivation–Opportunity–Ability Model Perspective(pdf), Hyunae Lee, Namho Chung, Chulmo Koo

Understanding the Role of Gender on Perceived Value to the Smartphone Users’ Switching Behavior (pdf), Kuei-Ling Yen, and Jack Shih-Chieh Hsu

Session D4 – Topic: Big Data & Text Minining (in Korean)

Bankruptcy Prediction Modeling Using Market Sentiment Derived from BigData Analytics (pdf), Nam-Ok Jo, Kyung-Shik Shin

An Online Review Mining Approach to a Recommendation System (pdf), Seung Yean Cho, Jee-Eun Choi, Kyu-Hyun Lee, Hee-Woong Kim

A Study on Exploration of Overseas Potential Technology Demand Using Text-Mining (pdf), Sangtae Ji, Yongtae Shin

A Brand Reputation Management through the Analysis of Customer Review Online (pdf), KyungBae Park, Sung-Ho Ha

Sentimental Analysis of eWOM for Movie Performance Prediction (pdf), Jing Cui, JongWoo Kim

Session E4 – Topic: Tutorial II (in Korean)

A Research Methodology using the Social Science Research Automation System based on Cloud (pdf), Cheolho Yoon

Session F4 – Topic: Professor Presentation II (in Korean)

How Do EHRs and a Meaningful Use Initiative Affect Breaches of Patient Information? (pdf), Seung Hyun Kim

Alternative Regulatory Frameworks for Securing Customer Data (pdf), Wooje Cho

Informational Roles of Internet Searches in Stock Markets: An Empirical Analysis for IT firms (pdf), Young Bong Chang

◎ Day 3: August 5th, 2015

Session A5 – Topic: ICT Security

A Study on Developing Framework for Information Privacy Protection (pdf), Jinwoo Jung, Jungduk Kim

A Role of Information Security Committee based on Competing Values Framework” (pdf), Kunwoo Kim, Jungduk Kim

An Analysis Study on Security Activity Changes by Security Accident (pdf), Hyojik Lee, Onechul Na, Soyoung Sung, Hangbae Chang

Session B5 – Topic: Design Science

The Relationship between Internal Marketing Orientation, Employee Commitment, Charismatic Leadership and Performance (pdf), Wan-I Lee, Chun-Chi Chen, Chien-Cheng Lee

Minimizing Seed Selection for Disseminating News with Probabilistic Coverage Guarantee (pdf), Zhuo Qi Lee, Wen-Jing Hsu

A Reputation Revision Mechanism to Mitigate the Negative Effects of Misreported Ratings (pdf), Siyuan Liu, Chunyan Miao, Yuan Liu, Hui Fang, Han Yu, Jie Zhang, YuetingChai, Cyril Leung

Session C5 – Topic: General Issue I

Influence of Transportation Cost on Combinatorial Auctions (pdf), Fu-Shiung Hsieh, Ko-Hsuan Wu

The Examination of Relationship between Contents Traits and Perceived Usefulness of Tourism Online Reviews based on Construal-level Theory (pdf), Seunghun Shin, Chulmo Koo, Namho Chung

The Impact of Past Performance on Information Valuation in Virtual Communities: Empirical Study in Online Stock Message Board (pdf), HyunMo Kim, JaeHong Park

Session A6 – Topic: ICT Convergence

A Case Study on ICT Collaboration Performance in Automobile Business (pdf), Soyoung Sung, Onechul Na, Hyojik Lee, Hangbae Chang

Recommendation Using Analysis of Semantic Social Network in Social Network Services (pdf), Sangun Park, Juyoung Kang

A Study on the Information Technology Security Review Process in Finance (pdf), Youngran Hong, Dongsoo Kim

Session B6 – Technical Issue in IT

Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.21 MIH as a function of Vertical Handover Using PMIPv6 and F-HMIPv6 (pdf), Gandeva Bayu Satrya, T. Brotoharsono, S. Wiranandi

The Detection of 8 Type Malware Botnet using Hybrid Malware Analysis in Executable File Windows Operating Systems (pdf), Gandeva B. Satrya, Niken D.W. Cahyani, Ritchie F. Andreta

Clashing over the NFC Secure Element for Platform Leadership in the Mobile Payment Ecosystem (pdf), Jan Ondrus

Session C6 – Topic: General Issue II

The Impact of the Entropy of Review Text Sentiments on Movie Box Office Sales (pdf), Jonghyup Lee, Jaehong Park, Sunho Jung

Measuring the Effects of Regulation Policy on Online Game: A Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Approach (pdf), Moonkyoung Jang, Seongmin Jeon, Byungjoon Yoo, Jongil Kim

Connected IT Usage and Trade Show Effectiveness: Developing to Smart Trade Show (pdf), Sunyoung Hlee, Namho Chung, Chulmo Koo