Call for Paper

Call for Paper

The 20th International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC2018) will be hosted by Nankai University in Tianjin, China on July6-7, 2018. ICEC2018 aims at providing researchers and practitioners in electronic commerce and related areas with an opportunity to present original ideas and share insightful opinions. The theme ofICEC2018 is “Challenges and Opportunities for E-Commerce in Sharing Economy .

We welcome submissions of original research papers addressing issues concerning the theory, design, development, evaluation, and application of electronic commerce and related fields. We also encourage submissions of research-in-progress that are innovative and inspirational. Research articles particularly sought after are those driven by real-world business problems and validated with proper research methodologies.

High quality papers from ICEC2018 will be invited to be fast-tracked to an ICEC2018 dedicated special issue of Electronic Commerce Research and Applications (SCI/SSCI) and ICEC2018 dedicated special issue of Nankai Business Review International.

Relevant papers on Cross-border e-commerce will be invited to the special issue on “Cross-border e-commerce initiatives under China’s Belt and Road Initiative” in Electronic Commerce Research(SSCI).

The relevant topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

–Sharing Economy
–Cross-border e-commerce
– Design Theory for Wellness Using IT
– Internet-of-Things for Security and Safety
– Artificial Intelligence for e-Commerce and Wellness
– Big Data and Machine Learning in e-Commerce
– Food Business in e-Commerce
– Entertainment, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
– Smart Connected Products and Services
– Smart and Wearable Technologies
– Smart Factory and Manufacturing
– Mobile and Social Commerce
– Social Media and Social Networking
– Emerging Financial Technology (Fintech)
– Smart Health & Hospitals
– Smart Tourism and Smart Logistics
– Organic Media for Connected World
– Human Computer Interactions
– Bright Internet and Cybersecurity
– Education in Cyberspace
– Online-to-offline Services in e-Commerce
– Cloud Services and Service Innovation


Deadline for paper submission: March 1, 2018
Notification of acceptance: April 1, 2018
Deadline for final camera-ready version of accepted papers: June 1, 2018

Prof. Kyoung Jun Lee
Prof. Jae Kyu Lee
Prof. Zhangxi Lin
Prof. Robert Kauffman
Prof. Yuli Zhang
Prof. Minqiang Li

Prof. Robert Kauffman, Singapore Management University, Singapore
Prof. Jae Kyu Lee, KAIST, Korea

Prof. Yuli Zhang, Nankai University, China
Prof. Zhangxi Lin, Texas Tech University, USA
Prof. Kyoung Jun Lee, Kyung Hee University, Korea

Prof. Yongjian Li, Nankai University, China
Prof. Sung-Byung Yang, Kyung Hee University, Korea

Prof. Kai Li, Nankai University, China

Email: ICEC2018@nankai.edu.cn
Address: Business School, Nankai University,
No.121 Baidi Street, Tianjin, P.R.China, 300071

ICEC 2017

The 19th International Conference on Electronic Commerce: ICEC 2017
Pangyo, Seongnam, Korea, August 17- 18, 2017

Data/Venue: Aug. 17-18, Seminar Room #1, #2


14:00-15:30    ICEC-01: Data Mining in Business   …………………………………….   S #1

Session Chair: Jung Lee (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

  • Foreign Player Recommendation based on Ant Colony Algorithm for the KBO Team

Jason Jung (Chung-Ang University)

  • Metaheuristic approach on Temporal Pattern Matching for box office prediction

Jason Jung (Chung-Ang University)

  • Semi-Supervised Document Classification using Heterogeneous Rule Selection

William Xiu Shun Wong (Kookmin University), Namgyu Kim (Kookmin University)

14:00-15:30    ICEC-02: Sentiment Analysis and Semantic Search ……………………   S #2

Session Chair: Taeho Hong (Pusan National University)

  • KBQA: Constructing Structured Query Graph from Keyword Query for Semantic Search

Heewon Jang (Yonsei university), Youngtaek Oh (Yonsei university), Seunghee Jin (Yonsei university), Haemin Jung (Yonsei university), Hyesoo Kong (Yonsei university), Dokyung Lee (Yonsei university), Dongkyu Jeon (Yonsei university), Wooju Kim (Yonsei university

  • An Assessment of Online Destination Image Using Topic-based Emotion Classification Approach

Gang Ren (Pusan National University), Taeho Hong (Pusan National University)

  • Multi-categorical Social Media Sentiment Analysis of Corporate Events

Woobin Yun (Hanyang University), Dongsung Kim (Hanyang University) and Jong Woo Kim (Hanyang University)

15:50-17:20    ICEC-03: Mobile and Human Behavior…………………………………………   S #1

Session Chair: Seongmin Jeon (Gachon University)

  • Factors influencing travelers’ acceptance of mobile marketing: Comparative analysis of China and Kazakhstan

Liang Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology), Bolatov Adilzhan (Harbin Institute of Technology), Guoxin Li (Harbin Institute of Technology)

  • What Happens When Games Users Get Mobile? : The Effects of Mobile Accessibility to Usage Duration and Involvement

Bokyung Lee (Gachon University), Seongmin Jeon (Gachon University) 

  • Consumer’s Online Purchase Behavior in Mobile Era

Kay Ryung Koo (Korea University), Tae Kyung Kim (University of Suwon) and Janghyuk Lee (Korea University)

15:50-17:20    ICEC-04: Social Media and User Behavior  …………………………….            S #2

Session Chair: Young Wook Seo (Daejeon University)

  • Social Media Strategy: A New Frontier of SMEs in Malaysia E-commerce Industry

Nor Hasliza Saad (Universiti Sains Malaysia)

  • Social Media User Classification: Based on Social Capital Expectation, Susceptibility, and Compulsion Loop

Jung Lee (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) and Gyu-Won Kim (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

  • Exploring the effect of network structure on team performance in virtual teams: A transactive memory system perspective

Young Wook Seo (Daejeon University), Seong Wook Chae (Hoseo University)


09:20-10:50    ICEC-05: Big Data Analytics …………………………………………………………   S #1

Session Chair: Jinyoung Min (Chosun University)

  • Big Data Analysis of Local Business and Reviews

Ruchi Singh (California State University), Yashaswi Ananth (California State University), Jongwook Woo (California State University)

  • Predicting E-Commerce Sales of Hedonic Information Goods via Artificial Intelligence Imagery Analysis of Thumbnails

Stefan Cremer (University of Cologne), Alice Kyung Ran Ma (University of Cologne)

  • Preventing Infectious Diseases Through the Use of Mobile Data

Sung Hyun Kim (NIA Big Data Center), Joon Ki Choi (KT Big Data Center), Jaeho Lee (KT Big Data Center), Hyun Seok Hwang (Hallym University) and Sangwon Lee (Wonkwang University)

09:20-10:50    ICEC-06: Smart Connected Products and Services  ……………….           S #2

Session Chair: Un-Kon Lee (University of Suwon)

  • 5G will Popularize Virtual and Augmented Reality: KT’s Trials for World’s First 5G Olympics in PyeongChang

Seung-Hwa Jun (KT), Jung-Ho Kim (Korea University)

  • e-Banking System and its Staff User Satisfaction: A Case Study on the Core Banking System at Techcombank in Vietnam

Ming-Hsiung Hsiao (Shu-Te University), Chi Thanh Le (Shu-Te University), Minh Hang Le Thi (University of Da Nang)

  • IoT-based Omni Channel Service for Smart Exhibition and Value of Data

Arum Park (Kyung Hee university), Jae Yoon Han (Kyung Hee university), Kyoung Jun Lee (Kyung Hee university)

14:00-15:30    ICEC-07: Smart Tourism ……………………………………………………….     S #1

Session Chair: Huaxin Wang (Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology)

  • An Impact of Tourism Experience on the Quality of Life: The Roles of Autobiographical Memory and SNS

Hee Chung Chung (Kyung Hee University), Namho Chung (Kyung Hee University), Sung-Byung Yang (Kyung Hee University)

  • Exploring the Effect of Heuristic Factors on the Popularity of “Best Places to Visit” Recommendation in a Chinese Outbound Traveler Community

Lin Li (Kyung Hee University), Sung-Byung Yang (Kyung Hee University)

  • Qualitative Content Analysis in Hospitality and Tourism Online Reviews Research

Sunyoung Hlee (Kyung Hee University), Taekyung Kim (University of Suwon), Chulmo Koo (Kyung Hee University), Namho Chung (Kyung Hee University)

14:00-15:30    ICEC-08: User Reviews and Text Mining …………………………………….   S #2

Session Chair: JinYoung Han (Chung-Ang University)

  • Cross-Cultural Analysis of Yelp reviews on Japanese Restaurants: East vs. West on Vocabulary

Makoto Nakayama (DePaul University), Yun Wan(University of Houston – Victoria) 

  • Intelligent Sales Prediction for Automobile Demand from User Reviews: Text Mining Perspective

Jaewon Choi (Soonchunhyang University), Hong Joo Lee (Catholic University of Korea), Joon Yeon Choeh (Sejong University)

  • Compilation of Tweets Sentiment into SERVQUAL for Tracking Social Perception on Public Service

Hong Joo Lee (Catholic University of Korea), Minsik Lee (Yonsei University), Habin Lee (Brunel University)

15:50-17:20    ICEC-09: Network Analysis and e-Commerce    ………………….           S #1

Session Chair: Kay Ryung Koo (Korea University)

  • Bibliometric and Visualized Analysis of Research on E-Commerce Journals

Yi Cui (Xidian University), Jian Mou (Xidian University), Yanping Liu (Xidian University)

  • The Effects of Photo Decoration Cues on Online Consumers’ Affective Responses

Feng Zhou (University of Suwon)

  • Statutes Retrieval System for R&D Projects based on Vector Space Model

Haemin Jung (Yonsei University), Youna Lee (Yonsei University), Wooju Kim (Yonsei university)

15:50-17:20    ICEC-10: Crowdfunding and Online Collaboration ..…………….   S #2

Session Chair: Jihae Seo (Seoul National University)

  • Identifying and Reducing Individual’s Perceived Risk in Crowdfunding Investment

Huaxin Wang (Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology), Taekyung Kim (University of Suwon)

  • The Anatomy of Facial Expression in Online Crowdfunding Platform: A Machine Learning Approach

Jongho Kim (KAIST College of Businessa), Jiyong Park (KAIST College of Business)

  • Factors That Influences a Consumer’s Willingness to engage in Co-Creation of value

Portia Opoku Boadi (Harbin Institute of Technology), Li Guoxin (Harbin Institute of Technology), Philip Antwi (Harbin Institute of Technology)


ICEC Conference Steering Committee

– Kyoung Jun Lee (Director, ICEC Center; Prof. of Kyung Hee U.)

– Jae Kyu Lee (Founder, ICEC Center & Conference; Prof. of Yonsei U.)

– Byungjoon Yoo (Program Chair of ICEC 2015; Prof. of Seoul National U.)

– Sung-Byung Yang (PC of ICEC 2016, OC of ICEC 2017; Prof. of Kyung Hee U.)

– Norman Sadeh (Conference Chair of ICEC 2003; Prof. of Carnegie Mellon U.)

– Zhangxi Lin (Founder of Chinese Meetings; Prof. of Texas Tech)

– Robert Kauffman (Editor-in-Chief of ECRA, the journal of Electronic Commerce Research & Application; Prof. of Singapore Management U.)

– Yuli Zhang (ICEC 2018 Chiar in China; Prof. of Nankai U.)

– Minqiang Li (ICEC 2020 Chair in China; Prof. of Tianjin U.)